First Holy Communions

1st commPlease pray for the children of our parishes who will celebrate the fullness of the Sacrament of Holy Communion for the first time this Sunday (18th June) during the 11am Mass of Corpus Christi, in Ss John & Columba’s Church.

Sorcha Clarke                                

Nicola Dubas

Francis Goodchild                

Daniel James

Hannah Kossak                     

Maisey Meade

Mirabelle Meade                   

Robbie Lindsay

Nathanael Stock                    

Mateusz Stukan       

Oliver Syme                          

Remi Truchlinski                  

Daniel Watt

Many thanks to their parents, God Parents, Teachers and Parish catechists for helping them to prepare for this wonderful occasion.  May the Lord bless them and keep the faithful to His love.

Enrolment for St John’s Primary School

school-badgeIf you have a child that is due to start school in August 2017 and wish to enroll them into St John’s, the school will be accepting applications on Tuesday 24th January from 2pm until 5-30pm.

Just pop in on the day or for more information please contact the school office on 01383 602432. They will require to see your child’s birth certificate and also a utility bill as proof of address

The catchment area includes: Rosyth, Inverkeithing, Dalgety Bay, Aberdour, North Queensferry, Limekilns, Hillend, Dunfermline Eastern Expansion (Masterton and Pitreavie Castle)


Caritas in Action

Caritas Archdiocese of St Andrews & Edinburgh is the official branch of the our local Church that deals with the Churches charitable works, as well as promoting Justice and Peace and the Churches Social Teaching.

They have recently launched an appeal for donations of clothing.  If you have any nearly new, or clothes in fairly good condition that you think is suitable for someone else to wear, please bag or box them up and drop them into either St Peter in Chains or Ss John & Columba.

For more information please see the following: Caritas-clothes-donations


Today is the Feast of St Columba, one of our parish’s co-patrons:

st columba statueSaint Columba, in Irish: Colm Cille, ‘church dove’; was born on the 7th December 521 and died on this date, 9th June, in 597. He was an Irish abbot and missionary credited with spreading Christianity in what is today our country of Scotland at the start of the Hiberno-Scottish mission. He founded the important abbey on Iona, which became a dominant religious and political institution in the region for centuries. He was highly regarded by both the Gaels of Dál Riata and the Picts, and is remembered today as a Christian saint and one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland.

St Columba studied under some of Ireland’s most prominent church figures and founded several monasteries in the country. Around 563 he and his twelve companions crossed to Dunaverty near Southend, Argyll in Kintyre before settling in Iona in Scotland, then part of the Irish kingdom of Dál Riata, where they founded a new abbey as a base for spreading Christianity among the northern Pictish kingdoms who were in the most part pagan. He remained active in Irish politics, though he spent most of the remainder of his life in Scotland.

Locally, Inchcolm Island which lies in the boundaries of our parish is named after St Columba, and legend has it, he visited in 567 AD. Whatever the truth of this may be, we do know that the Church has had a long history on the island, with monastic buildings dating back to the 10th century, although the main monastery was built in the 12th century, with the Church of St John’s Rosyth being part of the lands of the monastery based on the Island of Columba.

Let us pray through the intercession of St Columba, and indeed of all our local saints, that we may carry on their legacy of living out our faith with love and devotion and passing the joy of the Good News of Jesus on to others.